We are Lena Zapassky and Inna Kizhner and we were both born in the Asian part of Russia (Lena comes from Ekaterinburg in the Ural Mountans, Inna is from Krasnoyarsk in Siberia). Lena lives in Jaffo and she spent twenty years working at Tel-Aviv University for the Megiddo Archaelogical Expedition. She studied ancient ceramics and how it influenced ancient metrology. Her exciting findings are discussed in several research papers. The most important of them is here.


Home cooking is another part of her creative self. It is linked to her interest in photography when gorgeous and elegant dishes are beautifully served and photographed for the public. The photos are available here.


Her studio is her small garden and her light is a generous Israeli sun that shines every day even in winter. Carmel Market with its colonial spices and fragrances is next to where she lives.  Lena likes making photos of beautiful places and interesting (or weird) people in streets or markets. She gives them her photos if she can. Everything beautiful, exciting or tantalizingly interesting gives her a spark of creativity and results in recipes, photos or stories from Jaffo.



Inna spent twenty years teaching and writing about various forms of communication. First, it was about teaching university courses in English, Museum Studies and Digital Humanities. Recently, her interests turned to how images, texts and their interaction can result in new forms of communication and thinking. Home cooking in images and stories is a wonderful opportunity to tell a tale full of questions, exciting combinations of attractive objects and practical applications.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi, girls! both look great and seems to be happy! I’m glad for you, Elena&Inna! Here I am! Познакомимся? 🙂

    Буду рада видеть вас, кулинарных фей у себя в гостях, а еще круче среди участниц мaртовского конкурса, где в качестве приза разыгрываются одна наипрелеснейшая вещица и пять кулинарных книг.

    Весенний женский перформанс — в честь Восьмого марта, праздника начала весны, цветения души и романтического настроения!

    С наступающим!

    Что нужно сделать? Ответ найдете в блоге-ежедневнике гурмана «à Table!». http://wp.me/p44uOS-CL

    Из Франции с ♥,

    La Fée Юлия


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